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Kurth Contracting is a family owned and operated windows, doors, and siding replacement and remodeling company. We’ve proudly served residential and commercial customers throughout the southeastern areas of Nebraska since 1979. As the oldest siding and window company under the same owner in Lincoln, NE we are regarded as industry experts. Our experience gives us an acute vision for potential pitfalls– an advantage that we pass along to our customers. We firmly believe in getting it right the first time, and for a lifetime. Our successes are owed to our network of trusted employees, relationships with the industries top product manufacturers, and most importantly, our loyal customers.


Earning a reputation as trustworthy business professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile takes time, and heart. At Kurth Contracting, we pledge to consistently provide you with honest answers, full scope assessments of your home and building, a committed team of trained and experienced employees dedicated to your project throughout its entirety, accurate measurements and installation, top-of-the-line products, fair prices, superior warranties, and personable service with a smile.


You have a household and a business to run, so opening up your space to renovation and remodeling crews may seem like a daunting, stressful, and disruptive endeavor. At Kurth Contracting we are 100% committed to your comfort and safety. Our experience gives us the foresight to recognize potential pitfalls and setbacks before they happen, allowing us to keep your safety, preferences, schedule, and budget among our top priorities.


At Kurth Contracting we hold ourselves to very high standards and function on the notion of delivering on quality, not quantity. Our top priority is keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of every project. From the initial consultation, to the final sign off, every customer is guaranteed to receive quality care. Some ways we maintain this promise to our customers include:

  • We never use a “Pay Per Piece” billing structure
  • We execute projects based on the needs specific to the project
  • We do all of our own work
  • We never Use Subcontractors
  • Our Lead Installer is always on site and we always keep the same staffed crew throughout the project’s entirety
  • We take a full scope approach to every project

NO Subcontractors – ever.

We approach and treat each project as unique. Having an employed crew of skilled and reliable workers who are dedicated to the project’s entirety gives homeowners peace of mind knowing who will be working in their home and office spaces.

At Kurth Contracting we never hire outside subcontractors to work on any job– ever. We handle all of our work in-house with our trained team of vetted employees. Every project is assigned a crew dedicated solely to working on it until its successfully completed. Customers appreciate knowing whom they’ll be working with, especially with respect to entering and working in their homes and buildings. This specialized service guarantees them reliable and timely delivery, accurate measurements and installation, as well as a solid and consistent communication with a crew of experts.

Our staff of seasoned professionals have worked together for over 2 decades; forming a bond that translates into our work and is unmatched by industry competitors. As part of our commitment to give customers the highest quality care, we require each of our employees to participate in a training program prior to working solo in the field. In doing so, we’ve developed a crew of well-rounded and versatile experts who can confidently address a wide range of customer requests on the spot.


One of the joys of living in the Midwest is having the variety of 4 seasons, and this certainly keeps us on our toes as consumers. From choosing the right wardrobe, vehicle, and even where we live, our purchases are directly correlated to the harsh weather conditions. The upkeep and maintenance of your family’s home or your company’s office building is no exception. This is especially true when it comes to its most vulnerable areas – windows, doors, and siding. The extreme temperatures, high-speed winds, and severe storms cause accelerated wear and tear on all areas and often not visible to the naked eye.


We believe in providing the highest quality work possible for our customers. This means being fair and honest throughout the process while treating customers, employees, and suppliers with respect. It is our duty and our please to give back to the community from what we’ve been given.