Kurth Contracting Frequently Asked Questions

Do windows pay for themselves?

Yes. But some companies greatly exaggerate the payoff time period. If you consider energy savings, maintenance savings, and the increased value to the home, the payoff is five to ten years.


Is permanent siding really maintenance free?

Not 100%. If you install a good product properly, it will last a lifetime. However, it does need to be cleaned occasionally. We recommend hosing off siding every year or so. Tough stains can be cleaned with light detergent, such as dawn dishwashing soap or siding detergent, which is available at home supply stores such as Home Depot


Will new windows form condensation on the glass?

This is a common misconception. Energy efficient windows are not responsible for condensation, but may indicate that you have too much humidity in your home. Inefficient windows allow heat and moisture to escape leaving your home feeling drafty and dry. However, if you have energy efficient windows and you see condensation, simply dial back your humidifier setting.


Can windows be installed in one day?

No, not if they are installed properly. Many contractors use subcontractors who are paid on a “per window” basis. Consequently they move quickly and often overlook problematic supportive structures that need to be corrected. Doing the job right, takes time. That is why Kurth Contracting installers are salaried employees with the experience to see and fix problems.


Is there really a difference in how new siding is installed?

Yes. There are many ways to cut corners on siding installation. The project prep work, such as supportive backing, flashing, insulation, and caulking lay a proper groundwork. This groundwork is vitally important in the installation process, and is necessary to achieve a superior application.


Why do my windows need replaced and when is it the right time for me to replace them?

Windows are one of your homes biggest defenders against the elements. If they are difficult to close, allow heat or cooled air to escape from your house, or fail to keep moisture out, you may need to replace your windows. And because builders often use low-grade windows to be competitively priced, some homeowners are finding it necessary to replace the windows in their newer homes. But keep in mind, windows will pay for themselves over time through energy savings. The sooner you replace faulty windows, the sooner you get the payback


If I’m selling my house, why should I replace my windows, doors, and/or siding?

Many potential buyers will not consider a home with deficient windows and siding or will want a greatly reduced price to do it themselves.


What is an energy audit? Does Kurth do energy audits?

Lincoln electric system will audit. Testing the home for energy loss.


What kind of remodeling does Kurth Contracting do?

Kurth remodels both interior and exterior areas including basements, kitchens, garages, and decks.


Are their tax incentives for me if I replace my windows, doors, and/or siding?

It varies from year to year.


Do you offer free in-home consultations?



How do I decide which windows, doors, and/or siding is best for me?

We will help customers through the process. Its good to visit the showroom and completed jobs


Does Kurth only work on residential homes?

No, we’ve worked on many commercial properties, including retirement and apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, and university properties.


Do I need to replace all of my windows, doors, and/or siding at the same time?

It is more affordable to replace all at once, but not necessary


What is the best way to care for my windows, doors, and/or siding?

Little care is needed on the better products other than occasional washing.


What are the most popular kinds of windows, doors, and/or siding?

Vinyl siding and windows are the most popular due to their longevity and efficiently. Steel doors are the most popular but we feel fiberglass is better


What is your customer satisfaction policy?

Lifetime warranty on installation.


When is the best time of year to replace windows, doors, and/or siding?

We work year round anytime is good.


Do you use subcontractors?

No. Never. All windows, siding are installed by Kurth employees.